ARTIST Romulo Martinez

“My work is an introspective, therapeutic journey, where I seek to heal and reconcile the thoughts and memories in the historicity of my personal life, looking at the past through meditation and reflection to think about the present and visualize the future with the hope of being able to give myself and others certain statements that awaken enthusiasm and courage in their beings no matter the changes that life presents us.”


May 7 - June 4, 2022

‘Reflejos’, allows us to find ourselves and relate to shared stories, and more than portraying a stranger, the abstraction and absence of faces allows us all to see each other inviting us to introspection, seek memories, enjoy a laugh, and connect to that feeling with which we identify.

Romulo Martinez is a Venezuelan artist residing in the city of Frisco, Texas, was born in Maracaibo, has a degree in Plastic Arts, Mention in Painting, from the University of Zulia and a Master’s in Artistic Production, Artistic Practice specialty, from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain.

His work is present in several private and museum collections, the most outstanding being the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia (MACZUL).

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