About Us


DAISHA BOARD GALLERY is a Contemporary Art Gallery representing BIPOC ARTISTS, LGBTQ+ and Artists with Disabilities locally and abroad in various mediums that include mixed media, sculpture, photography, installations, performance art and digital media.

Located in the evolving West Dallas area, near the Tin District, Trinity Groves and the Belmont Hotel. Daisha Board Gallery, focuses on optimum visibility, inclusion and acquisitions for marginalized artists.

Daisha Board has curated, juried and collaborated on exhibitions and projects in both traditional and non-traditional art spaces throughout Dallas.

Daisha Board
Founder & Curator
Nickolas Gaines

Chief Curator Of Art and community engagement

Nickolas Gaines is a father, educator, pastoral psychotherapist, international speaker, curator, and veteran. He has a long career dedicated to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being and guiding people to find their own resilience and strength.

As Chief Curator at Daisha Board Galleries, he seeks to curate art exhibitions that serve as a window and mirror for viewers- a window into the lives of people’s experiences and identities that people may not be familiar with, and a mirror of representation so that people of color, LGTBQIA+, persons with disabilities, and gender diverse people can see themselves, their experiences, and identities amplified and centered. He sees art as a conduit of healing, portal for community care, and a tangible symbol to exist in our fullness.

Nickolas is a prominent scholar-practitioner who has a wealth of experience, expanding over 20 years of service in local, national, and international communities.



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