Tapestries of Time

06.29.24 – 08.03.24

The eight paintings weave together the intricate threads of spirituality, history, and contemporary crises. Through his masterful use of shapes, colors, and his signature cracked textures, Omar Asprilla explores the interconnectedness of existence, from cosmic energies to the tangible elements of our fractured world, decay and renewal.

The exhibition delves into the core of human experience, portraying a vibrant tapestry where the spiritual meets the physical, reflecting on the beauty and chaos that define our past, present, and future.

Through "Tapestries of Time," the artist challenges us to look beyond the surface, to understand the deeper connections that bind us across time and space. His paintings are not just visual experiences but meditative journeys that prompt introspection and a deeper appreciation for the intricate web of life.


For me, painting transcends mere expression; it’s a medium to evoke emotion and engage with the world. My artistic practice is rooted in a profound fascination with ancient history, myths, religion, philosophy, and art. I aim to prompt viewers to question the narratives we construct about the past.

In the realm of art, I am irresistibly drawn to the dynamic world of mixed media. Here, I unleash my creativity, exploring new techniques and approaches to infuse meaning into my creations. With a commitment to innovation, I push the boundaries of conventional artistry, striving to bring vibrancy and dynamism to every piece.

My journey as an artist is defined by an insatiable hunger for experimentation. I thrive on blending disparate elements, seamlessly merging various mediums to create a unique artistic expression. Each meticulously crafted layer of texture aims to evoke emotion and captivate the senses.

Yet, my pursuit extends beyond mere aesthetics. Through my work, I aspire to ignite curiosity, inviting viewers on their own exploratory journeys. I seek to transcend the confines of the canvas, crafting narratives that resonate with the human experience and inspire introspection.