ARTIST Janak Narayan

Janak Narayan is an award winning Indian American Fine artist focusing on acrylics and oils. She got her Bachelors in Fine Arts from Indiana University in 2010. When one door closes, another opens. Health setbacks had her step down from her twenty-five-year career in the finance and banking industry and she decided to pursue her passion in the arts. She has taken her passion for life and color to create compositions that are both joyful and healing.

Janak gets her inspiration from nature and her free spirit which transcends into unique, Post– Impressionist inspired, stylized landscapes. Lately her work is constantly about testing the boundaries between abstraction and representational art – her landscapes are becoming more abstract and her abstracts barely hanging on to reality thanks to lucid brushstrokes in fantasy color palette.

Janak enjoys her time in her studio and divides her time participating in art festivals, exhibitions & solo shows and competitions. Her art semesters in England, France and Ireland in additions to her regular workshops in Tuscany and the French Countryside has broadened her horizon immensely to look at the world through a global perspective.

Her art is in private collections in Dubai, India, Canada and the Bahamas. They are showcased in corporate and luxury homes around the Dallas Fort-Worth area as well as all over the United States. She believes her strength is her family – her husband of almost 40 years, her sons and daughter in law. They support her, critique her and inspire her to do better every day! Becoming a new grandma brings a whole new dimension to her concept of Joy!

Her artist mantra – “Art to me is about a beautiful journey of self-discovery and a medium to articulate my inner glee. Art is typically experienced by the sense of sight. I would like my art to be experienced through all the five senses by transporting my audience to a place which invokes a certain feeling of joy and a sense of being in the moment. I want them to step into the canvas and breathe in the world within my composition.”

“I paint sometimes as I see it, other times as I imagine it, but always because I am loving it!”