ARTIST Ifeanyi Anene

'Second Self: The Duality of Being'

curator Nickolas Gaines

“My work is an act of self and societal awakening through the medium of storytelling with a brush and a plain canvas.”

JUNE 3 - JULY 8, 2023

This collection focuses on themes of racial animus, economic inequality, sexual pleasure, politics, cultural misconceptions, and religion. Anene says this body of work is aimed at “enabling the viewer to experience the awakening of the subconscious and to let loose of one’s inner self.” Ifeanyi hopes people who view his art see it deeper than the canvas and just as complex, multilayered, and nuanced as human beings are, “I endeavor to transform my works from the early stages (two dimensions and into the realm of three dimensions I use form and values to both tell my story and transform a social norm into contemplation. My works are three-dimensional in nature; I often use base art materials, such as brushes and oil, to define space and form. In these works. I use structural detail and values to tell a story.” Anene believes holding the brush for public consumption bears a responsibility, “I hold on to Lena Waithe’s words when I paint, ‘I’m writing my story so that others might see fragments of themselves.'”