Romulo Martinez ‘WANTING TO CONNECT (Signs)’ 🔴


Romulo Martinez
Polyethylene colored by the artist, intervened collage
and acrylic paint on canvas
16 x 12 x 1.5 inch


Becoming a migrant without your own consent is a situation that unbalance your life, your thoughts, that does not make it easy for you to outline your future life, a world of insecurities and fears invade you because you don’t know what will happen to your future. It is a situation in which you intend to put your ideas in order and direct them to carry them out but with a fear of not knowing if they will be fulfilled.

And it is in this context where your being and soul, mind and sanity in the face of such a situation wants to connect with your interior to get clarity from within on what has been left behind, with good or bad memories, what you have, like it or not, and how it is you want to be in the near future rather than far.

This is how through an old school television from the 80s, where the strips of detuned colors represent that distorted mental world of my memories and feelings, through the disfigurement of myself I eagerly asks to receive and interpret signals that may be born from within or provided by external agents that can help me rebuild, solidify my life.