Romulo Martinez ‘INTERNAL SEARCHES (Messages from the senses – Detail 4)’


Romulo Martinez
‘INTERNAL SEARCHES (Messages from the senses – Detail 4)’
Polyethylene colored by the artist (assembled), acrylic paint
and collage intervened with drawing and painting on canvas
20 x 20 x 1.5 inch


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As living organic beings, we have senses that help us perceive, interpret and decode the world that surrounds us and with which we interact. They are the 5 senses that help us see, touch, hear, taste and smell everything that approaches us or what we approach in order to give sustenance and life to our mental and physical faculties. In the absence of one of them, it leads us to develop or perfect the other senses, but with the same dynamic of continuing with life. And it is these 5 senses that, like tools, invite us through them to explore ourselves internally to recognize and be honest in relation to our desires and aspirations in life.

It is a modular composition made up of 5 works that dialogue with each other through the degradation of cyan and magenta colors and their union with yellow through green and orange. Each work represents a sense, starting with sight in the use of a magnifying glass to maximize our vision through a box as a window to our hearts. It is followed by the ear with the presence of a hearing aid, which, while it is true, isolates us from our surroundings, but also helps us to focus internally with our own calls and sounds.