Romulo Martinez is a Venezuelan artist residing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas with a degree in Fine Arts, Mention in Painting, from the University of Zulia and a Master’s in Artistic Production, Artistic Practice specialty, from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain.

In his professional career he has several academic awards and artistic recognitions, and 12 solo exhibitions in leading museums, cultural institutions and private galleries, including the most recent Reflejos held at Daisha Board Gallery – Dallas in May 2022, an exhibition in which he approached from the different internal feelings in conflict or doubt a situation of opposite signs or alternatives when making a life decision. Situations represented in which we have all been and potentially will live again, within other contexts, product of the constant organicity of daily life.

He has participated in more than 70 collective exhibitions, festivals and art salons, and his works have been exhibited in different cities of Venezuela individually or collectively, such as Maracaibo, Caracas, Valencia, Maracay, Barcelona, Trujillo and Ciudad Bolívar, and internationally in Bogotá-Colombia, Valencia-Spain, Aruba, City of Singapore-Singapore, Lima-Peru, and within the United States in Miami, Dallas, Frisco, Coppell, Denton, Plano and Fort Worth.

As a full-time artist, Romulo continues his research on the human life journey from the heart and mind within a study of colors and symbolism.


Romulo Martinez at Oak Cliff Cultural Center Sep 09 Through Oct 07, 2023

Our life journey is always looking for paths to move forward, to reach for something new or need. For good or bad, as human beings we run with thoughts and emotions, a duality that is present in everything that we do and go through. This exhibit captures that constant conversation I have with these two characters as part of my self-discovery. There is always going to be a decision to make and an influence that will overcome our thoughts or emotions to get us to that next step. This series is a continuation of that dialogue, that duality and the reflection of us in an everyday situation captured as some kind of portraits where color brings a symbolism joined by objects and elements to let a story open to be interpreted. We are complex and different, and some of us found beauty where others not and vice versa, so the good or bad becomes a perception, not a judgment, but an interpretation of our mind and heart.

The exhibit will walk us through several captured moments that will display a duality, initiating with thoughts and moving into the emotions, ending with a heart ready to be served calling for an interpretation of our/my feelings as a center piece to remember that there is not recipe that would suit us all, is up to us to find our own.



As a person and artist, I have always had a strong interest in humanistic, social and introspective themes, which lead me to capture in my work, with documentary conceptions, both my own and others emotions with the intention that viewers can see themselves reflected in the work from the sensitivity and make them participants of the stories or dialogues represented, or, on the contrary let them nourish and give the work a new conceptual and narrative content.

I represent through bursts and auras, the emotions from a search for self-discovery in the various moods of emotionality and thoughts within picturesque, playful and surreal contexts, where human figures and natural or everyday elements in an allegorical and cartographic way seek to narrate a story. It is in this way that the series that defines my work Presences / essences was born, a work in which color plays a symbolic and conceptual role accompanying the representations to evoke feelings and sensations.

In my work I seek to express myself through experimentation with mixed media and various formalities between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional, using different techniques with their materials such as collage, assembly and construction, in the company of painting, drawing and the graphic arts such as serigraphy, stencils and photography, leading me to create modular proposals in dialogue with each other, interventions in space or installations.

Because it has autobiographical nuances, my work is an introspective, therapeutic journey, where I seek to heal and reconcile the thoughts and memories in the historicity of my personal life, looking at the past through meditation and reflection to think about the present and visualize the future with the hope of being able to give myself and others certain statements that awaken enthusiasm and courage in their beings no matter the changes that life presents us.

Romulo Martinez.