Patron Magazine Art Influencers 2022 June Issue

Daisha Board

Owner Daisha Board Gallery

Music, dancing, and clapping rocked the traditional art gallery’s white cube universe during Sharidyn Barnes’ closing reception at Daisha Board Gallery with the garage door rolled up. Celebration is a big part of Daisha Board’s mission. She is an intrepid advocate for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and artists with disabilities of all merits, from highly emerging to mid- career artists who caught a break when they met her. Her enthusiasm for artists is unshakable, her energy, contagious.

It began with her three children. Several years ago, while visiting museums and galleries, her daughter Savannah inquired why none of the artists were female or of color, and why none of the figures in art looked like her. Finding legitimacy in the comment, Board took it one step further and wondered why more people of color were not visiting these places. How can I make an impact? she thought, and Black Sheep Art Culture was born. Determined, she took to Instagram to post images from art spaces all over DFW. “I’m a hip-hop head from New York,” she says of Black Sheep, the name taken from the hip-hop duo from Queens. With a great name and gusto, Board quickly gained a following, making art accessible to all audiences. People began direct messaging her to organize tours. “We took the awkwardness out of the equation,” she says.

Last November, Board opened her eponymous gallery on Sylvan Avenue. “We can be more passionate, more purposeful,” she says of committing full-time to an art space. “In order for me to facilitate these artists’ narratives I want to show solidarity. These artists’ stories are every day. They are part of the story.” Gallery exhibitions are booked through June 2023. While the emphasis has been on only artists of the region this year (expect Jeremy Biggers this fall), next year, she has programmed an international artist lineup.

Emboldened by an all-inclusive vision which offers a price point for everyone, expect more dancing. “We can be versatile in this space.” –Terri Provencal

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