Jennifer Monet Cowley ‘Revisited I:Inspired by Gee’s Bend Miniature’ 🔴


Jennifer Monet Cowley
‘Revisited I: Inspired by Gees Bend in Miniature’ (2022)
12″ x 12″
Acrylic and embroidery floss on canvas

Inspired by Gee’s Bend Revisited is inspired by an exhibition that I visited in Houston, Texas in 2006 featuring the quilters of Gee’s Bend Alabama.  I was so inspired by the creation of these multigenerational quilters that I purchase all books related to the exhibition sparking an entire series of works based on these amazing quilts. One book, in particular, The Architecture of a Quilt really spoke to me due to my architectural background.  All of these works of art feature architectural elements in the form of a quilt.  My current series revisits the Gee’s Bend series that I created back in 2006.  I added more tactile items such as miniature canvases that are adhered to or sewn on by embroidery floss.