Nii Narku Thompson

'Identity Crisis'

@ South Dallas Cultural Center

As relative as art is in our livelihood, I have echoed as an artist through various mediums and in my own unique ways to reaffirm the conviction that life itself is an artwork; irrespective of the creator we are all enfolded by works of art.

My current work explores the shift in communication as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Pre-pandemic, there was a growing wave of digital communication. I noticed that in both private and public gatherings, people were engrossed with their phone screens. With the onset of the pandemic, human interactions became more digitized – Facetime, WhatsApp, Microsoft teams, Zoom, Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and other social media apps became the preferred mode of communication. Now in the post-pandemic era, the trend has changed – we now see a fusion of both online communication and face-to-face, yet people are still tethered to their phone screens.

Through this exhibition, I explore this massive transformation in our communications and opine on the significance of this monumental change in our evolutionary history.