ARTIST Aliyah Cydonia

It is only through the process of healing that light is shed onto the pain of darkness, and we are naked before the light.

Aliyah Cydonia was born in 2002 in Dallas, TX. She is currently attending The University of North Texas to achieve her BFA in Studio Arts with a concentration in Painting and Drawing. As a supplement to her education, Cydonia mentors with figurative painter Riley Holloway. She also works as a studio assistant for painter Anna Membrino and an assistant at Erin Cluley Gallery. Cydonia has exhibited works at The MAC, 500X Gallery, SP/N Gallery at the University of Texas at Dallas, and the gallery at Richland DCCCD Campus, and Union Art Gallery at the University of North Texas. She lives and works in Denton, TX.

In Motion is an Afro-Futurist take on healing and spiritual growth. Through these paintings, vulnerability is harnessed to explore and thus reveal the darkest crevasses of our minds. Balance is next, finding it in all things is very essential. Our subconscious, constantly shaped by both good and bad experiences, becomes embedded with past influences. Without careful examination, this coding from our past can prevent our own healing. In Motion shows a Black Woman’s growth from what no longer serves her.

Initially starting as a study of light and shadow, the works evolved into a pursuit to uncover the critical balance between them. The nude figures personify our vulnerable subconscious, and the obsidian black bodies constitute that part of ourselves that is typically unseen and away from the light.

Aliyah Cydonia
‘Entangle’ (2022)
Oil on panel
36 x 36 inches