Romulo Martinez ‘FEELINGS (Captured heart)’


Romulo Martinez
‘FEELINGS (Captured heart)’
Polyethylene colored by the artist, intervened collage, six
pack net, enamel and acrylic paint on the wall
15 x 84 x 1.75 inch (15 x 12 x 1.75 inch each module)


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From sunrise with the opening of our eyes to sunset with our head resting on the pillow, our emotions can fluctuate in different moods in response to our own thoughts or unexpected situations caused by external agents, which can strengthen us by providing us with the noblest feelings, or on the contrary weaken us internally with the worst we can feel.

They are the colors of the light spectrum that make room for the representation of human hearts trapped and gagged by a net of six-pack rings, in which each color can have the emotional symbolic charge that as a viewer you wish to grant according to your memories with their contexts, objects, aromas and words. A democratic work where you can see yourself through feelings by reflection and from a personal and introspective vision.