E = S
Existence Equals Survival

Afro Futurism : The intersection of cultural aesthetic, philosophy of science and history that explores the African diaspora culture with science and technology.

Curator – Daisha Board

William Oliver

William Toliver is a self-taught contemporary surrealist artist currently living in Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Always having an interest in art as a young child, it was not until 2012 that he began to work on his skills. While working primarily with acrylics and graphite, his take on timeless subject matter features vivid colors and intricate details that create one-of-a-kind masterpieces.
He enjoys creating content using his artwork as a tool for empowerment and positive representation of all people. His goal as an artist is to challenge your perspective of our world by redefining the mental boundaries placed upon us by society.

Jennifer Monet Cowley

Jennifer Monet Cowley has been painting and drawing since the age of 5. Her talent was recognized at an early age through her artwork collected by her parents and grandparents. In high school, she studied fashion design and commercial art. Upon entering college, she focused on architectural design, but her love for art prevailed.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art in Art and Performance from the University of Texas at Dallas. Jennifer works in various mediums: colored pencils, pastels, gouache, acrylic and watercolors. Jennifer also designs and paints wearable art.  Jennifer’s work has been described as a “sophisticated, eclectic Afrocentric style of artwork” by Stephanie Ward.

Jennifer’s artwork is full of color and symbolism.  She feels that color and composition play a very important role in expressing the meaning of a particular piece.  She also feels that craftsmanship is key in the presentation of her artwork.  Jennifer works to ensure that lively color and craftsmanship show in each of her pieces so that each piece of art has special appeal to prospective buyers.

Recently, Jennifer has been given multiple opportunities to curate groundbreaking art shows. Now, in addition to being an artist, she is a curator as well.   She has been told that her curating concepts are groundbreaking and can rival some of the best in the world. Jennifer is an artist whose artistic versatility and skills allow her to create distinctive works  and concepts that give her a new style and voice that is all her own.


Inyang Essien

Inyang Essien is a Nigerian- American photographer, cinematographer, and visual artist from Dallas, TX. Her work is based in photography, cultural textiles, video installations, and generative art to explore identity through culture, sexuality, and personal transformation. 

In 2021, she was a recipient of the inaugural cohort of the Juanita J. Craft House Residency. Also in 2021, she was a recipient of both the Nasher Artist Grant and Cedars Union Art & Equity Scholarship. 

Okoro Simon Peter

As a conscious creative, Simon hails from Lagos, Nigeria but currently resides in Dallas, Texas. He goes by the acronym “simo”, this moniker comes from giving adoration to the consciousness that sits within all.

His works explore the awareness of the self and the constant conscious documentation of introspection through various forms and media while following his self-taught intuitions.


YNG draws inspiration from the surreal and everyday life. Their work is heavily driven by the importance of black visibility and representation within the art world and society at large.

Approaching works through a mixed media lens with the infusion of Afrofuturism. His works question how we see ourselves, how we take up space and the experiences felt living in a black body. Culture, queerness and experimentation also act as an underpinning throughout his works. Drawing from subjects who exist within marginalized groups, expressing the importance of community and representation. A reflection of his style could be viewed as his attempt to find wholeness. A search for something deeper than just the surface. A space beyond the everyday cycle of life.